Our Services

Viaduct Health currently provides two services for the Stockport area. These two services were secured through an Any Qualified Provider (AQP) bid process with Stockport CCG, with Viaduct Health successfully securing the contracts for these services within just one month of being created. Since October 2014 the following services have been provided by our member practices:-

Viaduct Health 24 Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring and Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

This service is designed to support the initial diagnosis of hypertension in adults aged over 18 years old to reduce the complications associated with this condition.  This service includes:

•   9 provider practices (with 3 of these being new practices)
•   Around 2,000 tests performed per annum.

ABPM Poster A4 PDF


Viaduct Heath Spirometry Service

SpirometryThis service is designed to manage the initial diagnosis and then the annual review of patients with COPD.  This service includes:

•   36 provider practices
•   Around 4700 tests (and 600 reversibility) performed per annum.
•   All practitioners to be fully accredited with the Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology (ARTP) certificate

Spirometry Poster A4 PDF